Practicing yoga

Never copy imitation

Like a robot

But must have their own initiative


The teacher just gives you a demo, then you have to match the points, practice, hold your breath, and do your own style. Improve your self-practice experience, not imitation, and imitation.

When practicing into the autonomous practice phase, the practitioner can repeatedly experience and improve the accuracy and proficiency of the exercise during training.

Only such a process can promote the stability and accuracy of posture exercises, and proficiency will be more valuable. Such exercises will have life.

“Find a way that suits you and has your own experience”

When the body is trained in exercise, it requires a process of self-regulation, and control, rather than directly copying the precise form of so-called giving.

The true precise style needs to be passed from consciousness to the body, including training time.

“Starting with simple movements and finding the consciousness of the body”

We start with a few simple actions and find the consciousness of the body. Don’t come up to copy difficult skill moves. The accuracy of these skills is just the dross of desire. What matters is the physical self-feeling, not the asana.

Practice yoga, are you still imitating ?!

Last modified: 07/08/2019




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