Why do experts recommend practicing yoga for one hour a day?

Yoga is a self-discipline that blends into the bones. If you can, I suggest you practice yoga for 1 hour a day. Even if you can’t do it, you should exercise regularly and arrange your practice time. 1、regular practice, in order to see changes in mind and body Yoga’s improvement in mind and body is... » read more

Why do experts recommend that women practice yoga more?

Yoga will make women feel happy Become calm and cool Become confident and independent Yoga has changed temperament and posture The temperament of a person is largely determined by body shape and posture. The yoga you have practiced will eventually blend into your subconscious mind, become your temperament, become your symbol, temperament, is a kind... » read more

Senior yoga teacher offers you 6 practice suggestions

01丨 Yoga practice needs to be adhered to To do anything is to have perseverance, maybe the yoga teacher can give you some good advice and teaching, but this does not mean that you do not have to spend time to practice. 02丨 Yoga is more than just a difficult posture Yoga is not about... » read more

Are you still imitating other people’s yoga movements?

Practicing yoga Never copy imitation Like a robot But must have their own initiative “initiative” The teacher just gives you a demo, then you have to match the points, practice, hold your breath, and do your own style. Improve your self-practice experience, not imitation, and imitation. When practicing into the autonomous practice phase, the practitioner... » read more

7 best yoga poses for women over 30 years old(Collection Level)

Today, recommend 7 classic styles, as long as 10 minutes a day, you can protect your collagen, make your body moister, younger! 1、Bidalasana (Cat) Knee on the ground, align the hips, step on the ground with both feet, hold the ground with both hands, align the shoulders, inhale and stretch the spine, exhale and lift... » read more