Yoga is a self-discipline that blends into the bones. If you can, I suggest you practice yoga for 1 hour a day. Even if you can’t do it, you should exercise regularly and arrange your practice time.

1、regular practice, in order to see changes in mind and body

Yoga’s improvement in mind and body is based on routine practice. Only continuous and regular practice can slowly appreciate the physical and mental changes that yoga brings to you. When you forget the time, forget the results, and practice every day, the quantitative change will eventually lead to qualitative changes!

2、regular practice will bring a sense of ritual to your life

Life requires a sense of ritual.

When you roll out the mat every day and start practicing, using yoga as a ritual of life, you will obviously feel the change that yoga brings to you. All the senses of rituals you give to life will be turned into good and returned to you.

3、 when you can stick to a small thing for a long time, you will have a more sense of accomplishment

Yoga itself is not difficult and it is difficult to stick to it. If you can persist for a long time, you will develop an active lifestyle and you will find yourself self-disciplined. If you can stick to yoga, what else can’t you do?

4、adhere to yoga every day, the benefits are very much

Anyone who insists on yoga practice can understand the benefits of yoga.

On the physical side, yoga can improve the shape of the body and relieve the body’s soreness and discomfort…

From a physiological point of view, yoga can promote the digestive system and regulate endocrine…

From a spiritual perspective, yoga can help decompress and appease our impetuous heart.

Many people always say that they don’t have time to practice yoga. In fact, one hour of practice per day is only 4% of 24 hours a day. Spend 4% of your time making yourself better, why not?

52 weeks a year

4 times a week yoga

1-year yoga 208 times

1 hour per yoga

208 hours of yoga a year

Equivalent to 8.64 days of yoga in 8.6 days

Now, do you still think that there is no time for yoga every day for 1 hour?

Last modified: 15/08/2019



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