Yoga is a technology that creates an inner environment according to your wishes. It is a science that activates inner energy and maximizes the body and mind.

But for such a strong internal science and technology, we need to create a suitable atmosphere and practice according to the corresponding requirements. Only in this way can yoga work to the fullest extent. For any technology, we need to follow its rules of use and understand how it makes the most of it. Here, we offer yoga practitioners some advice on practicing yoga at home.

  • Keep daily exercises

Yoga allows you to reach your full potential – physical, mental, emotional and energetic. It requires you to practice at home every day (preferably in the morning) so that when you enter the outside world for daily activities, you will be in the best position in every respect.

Yoga traditions recommend practicing yoga every day, at least for the mandala cycle. The mandala cycle is about 40 days, during which the human system completes the physiological cycle. Through the mandala cycle of practicing yoga at home, you can firmly build and practice yoga exercises at all levels – body, mind, and energy.

  • Practice in the morning & evening

Practicing yoga produces a lot of calories in your body. Saguru explained: “If the outdoor temperature is high and the heat exceeds a certain level, it will cause damage to the cell level.” Therefore, it is best to perform a daily exercise at a lower temperature during the day, such as morning and evening.

  • Specialized practice space

It is best for beginners to assign space at home to practice yoga. When you practice yoga in the same space every day, this space will gain the character or energy that will benefit your inner growth.

  • Ignite an oil lamp

The oil lamp provides light and creates a wonderful atmosphere, but more importantly, it creates a positive energy field for your home. Clicking on the oil light before starting to practice yoga will enhance your practice.

  • Do not walk around within three feet of the radius

Yoga points out that the human body is the epitome of this larger macro universe. Yoga practice is to calibrate the geometry of the system to the geometry of the universe. When such a powerful process occurs, you need to have enough room for your energy to move. It’s best not to walk around the 3-foot radius around you.

  • No music or phone interference

When you practice yoga, your goal is to turn your attention to the inner creative source. When you practice yoga at home, music or any sound that turns your attention outside will distract you. It’s best to turn off your phone or keep it silent. Leave this time to yourself!

Last modified: 22/08/2019



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